Normal in a Different Way, Part 2 by Thomas E Krawford

Thomas Krawford
2 min readMar 15, 2022


I met a guy recently!

I had seen him, years before at the V.A; but this was the first time, I really saw him, and myself as well; in all our naked and semi-naked glory; alone in his apartment; holding onto each other like drowning men in a loneliness-sea.

This was our first date, and there I was, on his sofa; jacking off and sucking his beautiful upturned, burgeoning cock; to the point where I think he came in my mouth. Honestly, there was so much of my spit and saliva on his shaft when I finally came up for air, I can’t be sure. I just remember how good he tasted and how much of a slut I felt for letting him use my mouth like a pussy; and his dick, Oh my God; although it started small; it got bigger and bigger the more I sucked and drank in the fullness of his widening girth down my open throat.

I want to say willing throat, but I hadn’t sucked such a nice dick in so long, I distinctly remember, as he shoved his fat member in my face; I recall myself almost fainting and gagging at the same time. Finally, letting my slut-pleasure take me, I gladly relented to the knob of his boner shoving in and out of my deep and hungry throat, and swallowed whatever was in my mouth!

Afterward, we muttered to each other our feelings and longings about consummating this first meeting of the skins of our naked bodies wrapped around each other’s brown-bronzed flesh.

We both agreed on the upcoming Friday; after St. Patrick’s Day; neither one of us wanting to move too fast; too soon; into a common passion; who knows for sure, where it will ultimately lead!

an example of a form Cover Letter with a Ridge, not just a point.

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Thomas Krawford

I guess in many ways I’m pretty naive. I believe that our sub conscious is as organized as our conscious selves and I have devoted my life to proving that 👋🏾